Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Under The Training Book: Strange Brew, Old Assholism, And Sneaky YouTube

     Peoples yesterday some old lady just walked up to me and told me I was being irresponsible out in shorts in this weather. What the fu? "Young people like you want to gripe about getting health insurance but don't want to take care of yourself." Again, What the fu?
     I was, you know, out there in the wild looking for trouble. Or maybe taking out the trash, either way I was a menace to society in a My Chemical Romance hoodie, work boots, and desert camo shorts.
     This is the same old lady by the way who followed me back to our apartment one day from the mail boxes shouting about my Planned Parenthood shirt.
     Ok, one, this weather isn't bad for someone with a roof over their head. It's Florida after all. The people who don't have a home are those who are in danger from the cold. But they are invisible and don't' count, right?
     And two, mind your own business lady. Some of the older people who live in our complex are always commenting on my shirts and other things. There is no such thing as old style racism or assholism as a excuse for peoples behavior.

     After my adventures in taking out the garbage I watched Spaceballs and ate steamed broc. I day it like a highroller! While watching the movie a thought came into my mind, you know what movie I need on dvd? Strange Brew. I love that movie and haven't seen it in years. I use to watch it every chance I had when we had HBO when I was in high school.

     Speaking of things from my youth. If you are or were a pro-wrestling fan you should check out the documentary GLOW: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I watched it on Netflix streaming so if you have that service, check it out.

     I'll end this with a weird based on me probably, more than like, fat fingering a button somewhere. I didn't somehow notice but along the way YouTube has created two accounts for me and I have some stuff subscribed on one and some on the other. No a huge deal since both are tied to one email account but one is my email and the other my name? I fails the internet test once again.

     I created the below travel journal at 4am as a migraine and too much thinking was keeping me from sleep. I have a bunch of merchandise materials I want to turn into projects so you will see new things here whenever I post. Creating stuff in my Zazzle stores are sort of my crafting side so to speak. Another creative outlet.

     Tin Universe #12 The Tin Universe series that started it all...all being one novella, one novel, and about nine short stories, returns this month. And a plus it's free. Ever month you get free me to plug into your brain holes. 

     Someone is zombifying athletes at Clear Cut High School in Utah. Lucky the school has its own young superhero in the person of Mildred Betbeze to try and figure out what's going on. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, new kids in the neighborhood are just some of things our hero and her sidekick slash best friend Aisha have to deal with in the first book in Tin Universe's new middle grade series.


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