Saturday, January 25, 2014

Under The Training Book: I Wish I Was Brave About....being in public

     I want to first thank people for the emails I got on last weeks I Wish I Was Brave About...YouTubeing. I appreciate each and every letter. Even the "Go kill yourself" ones inspire me in a different way.
     This week I wanted to talk about being in public. Another side fuck up about having problems with the way I like is doing things around other people. I'm not talking about big things here. I've never been a party person or someone who liked...well, people all that much but there are still things I'd like to do that I hold myself back from.
     For examples my local comic book shop holds different events all the time. One of the events they do from time to time is a store quiz night. I would love to take part in something like this. I think it would be really fun. They also have a comic book discussion night and other events that I hold myself back from attending because of how I think others will think about the way I look. I just couldn't handle it and the more I like people, the more the place is somewhere I like, the more I think and think and think and hold myself back.
     Even going out to eat I can twitch when someone is laughing nearby thinking are they laughing at me. Eating is always painful but one of the biggest pains is if I'm in public or around someone not Mar, though in general I don't like people who aren't Mar, I don't eat or I'm constantly looking to see if they are looking at me while I'm eating.
    When going to job interviews feels like you are in a spotlight of judgment of your looks, when catching yourself laughing can make you close your mouth, leave that place of fun, and begin to fall into thoughts even among friends hurt. It makes you wish you could be braver.

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