Saturday, January 4, 2014

Under The Training Book: Barbecued Humon, Order 9066, and Doing The Internet Right

     This morning has seen me answering emails, watching All Creatures Great And Small, and trying to find one of Mar's candles that doesn't smell like burnt flesh because the cats... well, you know, leave cat smells around.
     She says the candles smell like pumpkin, I say burning flesh baby... though not burning ba...never mind.
     I'm right by the way, Barbecued Humon.
     And I'm a incense man myself, which she hates. It's a divide that's shattering our relationship.
     That was a joke by the way.
     Just saying because history has proven such things need to be said.
     Sad really. When you think about it.

     I stopped drinking soda with the new year. Four days in and I'm watching tons of YouTube videos to keep my head from exploding and writing like mad....... all the things in my brain are not being whipped back into submission by caffeine.

     I NEED A CHAIR AND A WHIP PEOPLE! The thoughts... the thinking...the images....

     As I've been watching a lot of YouTube, a great deal of that has been trying to catch up on Crash Course U.S. History. Below is something I wrote on my Facebook after watching one of the episodes.
     Executive Order 9066 in February 1942 expelled all persons of Japanese descent from the west. As a result of this order more 110,000 people were sent to internment camps. Think about it. While we were fighting a war and in horror of camps in other lands we were heading down that road ourselves.
     If the war had lasted longer how far would we have went? Oh, and for anyone who doesn't think this could happen today and to them or their families. In 2012 and 2013 we had politicians at different times say this would be a good idea for the sick, the poor, and for those from "unaligned nations."
     History teaches us lessons but its up to use to learn from them.

     This is a look at one of the many ways corporations just don't understand modern forms of entertainment. Not that they really ever have. Same when they buy stuff like My Space or Live Journal or Tumblr and wonder why the numbers start to drop.

     I love that some things don't change. Such as people telling you how to "do" the internet correctly.
     "You don't heart those type of Tumblr entries, you reblog those."
     It's like telling someone you can't put mustard on the sandwich you just made for yourself. If it's your mustard and your sandwich do what you want with it. I made a t-shirt today after one a few comments came in about doing the internet wrong. It's better than me ranting and rambling on and on and on and on and on and on about it.

     On the 22nd of this month I restart the monthly Tin Universe series with Tin Universe #12.
     For all things Tin Universe check out the main site here.

     And to end things, reminder that yesterday I posted about another of my monthly series for 2014 in Generation Of A God. You can find out all about it here at the God Mark website.

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